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As individuals we learn from our mistakes.

As the human race we don't.

What's worse than the massacre of 1,000,000 people and yet it's not against the law? We're saddened when a dozen innocent people are massacred. Yet we don't realize that we're allowing millions of people to be killed because we're not paying attention. But it is happening and it's LEGAL.

 Yes, it is legal to do certain things that kill over 1,000,000 people. And we allow these things to repeat. I would love to present a few examples to anyone who wants to be AWAKENED.

600 websites to AWAKEN society. I had 6000 new visitors per day till the cabal that's controlling our world sabotaged all 600 websites. I filed a complaint to the FBI which was abbreviated for public viewing and is online at

Analytical CubismTM - Use of divergent data that otherwise wouldn't come together to create certain solutions.

Art of Thought SolutionsTM - The Anti-Virus For MankindTM. A set of non-religious, Logic & Ethics based solutions to some of today's most serious global problems. The culmination of which can Significantly Improve Humanity and increase the potential for World Peace.

The WebNetTM - Over 600 philanthropic websites networked to improve mission visibility worldwide. All sabotaged by the cabal. The following are articles and temporary archived homepages representing a few of the 600 websites. - Solutions hub - GMOs are killing people. That's what they want. - We can get rid more than 50% of Childhood Sexual Abuse - We're running out of time - Solution to poverty & global financial crisis - Feminism isn't what you think - The making of The Anti-Virus-Virus For MankindTM


I would love to present my movement in front of an interested audience. If you can gather interested people, call and schedule me.


Behtaj Amiri

Mission Statement
       "Significantly improve the world".       End mission statement.

Too many things we humans do are wrong but we continue to do them.  As individuals we learn from our mistakes, as the human race we don't. 

We do things just because everyone else has in the past.   We've taken "don't re-invent the wheel" too far.  We are being damaged in significant ways because of this attitude.   As this site matures, new things that need re-inventing will be added below:
  1. How we get married is not smart.   Read: "SMART WAY TO MARRIAGE"
  2. How we make money is by taking advantage of others.  Read: "SMART WAY TO MONEY"
  3. How we get educated is backwards.   Read:  "SMART WAY TO EDUCATE"

The elevator - It's against the law to smoke in an elevator now, but it wasn't only a few years ago.  Who put an ashtray in the elevator anyway?  An engineer.  What did it do?   It gave people the permission to smoke in an elevator.  The average person would otherwise put his cigarette out before walking into an elevator (even if he's alone).  Since the ashtray was built into the elevator, people would actually walk into a crowded elevator with a lit cigarette and no one would say a thing.

We allow someone with no authority (the engineer) to make such a difference in what's OK and what's not OK to do.   We act like a bunch of sheep.

Goal: Bring solutions to important things that we do wrong which cause significant damage to us, and yet we continue to make the same mistake and teach the same to our children.  With your help I want to break this chain reaction in the human race.