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As individuals we learn from our mistakes.

As the human race we don't.

Smart way to FUNDRAISING

This page of WeFree.Us helps fundraising organizations regain and surpass lost cash flow levels resulting from our poor economy.  It significantly increases cash flow to any fundraising organization while increasing the income of the volunteers who help them.  Learn more by reading below. Now helping others is also the fastest way to helping yourself.

Vortex Technology, the  process whereby nutrient particles are micronized to go directly into the blood stream via the surface areas of the mouth resulting in 98% absorption.
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Absoption rates for:
Pills..............  5%
Gell Capsul.... 20%
Liquid Juice.... 58%
Vortex Spray.. 98%

WeFree.Us is on a mission to significantly improve the world and has designed a novel fundraising concept that will greatly enhance your fundraising efforts.  The concept is applicable to non-profit as well as profitable organizations.

All too often, the time and effort spent to raise funds do not produce the amount of revenue to adequately justify the effort.  That same effort employed in the WeFree.Us concept will produce more funds for the organization while creating real income for the volunteers and/or workers.  The concept produces residual income as it compounds time spent in the past with ongoing efforts in the future.

In the non-profit sector, donations deplete the wealth of individuals while enriching them spiritually through giving.  The WeFree.Us concept actually maintains the latter while counteracting the former and increases benefits to the recipient organization simultaneously, hence “giving” is achieved while creating even more income.  All this while significant financial benefits are realized by the organization raising funds.

In the current economic climate, donors as well as their benefactors are seeing a decline in income and consequent donations. The Wefree.Us concept creates more wealth for donors as well as the recipient organization.  As income increases for the individual, exponentially more income is being generated for the fundraising effort. Much like little ants who combine their efforts using synergy to achieve great results, the WeFree.Us concept does the same by bringing technology to the masses in fundraising arena.

Modern technology has brought enormous benefits to employers thus allowing them to require fewer employees, hence the rising joblessness rate. This very factor that causes unemployment is utilized by WeFree.Us to benefit organizations such as yours. In addition to the generation of funds that directly benefit your fundraiser, the personal income of the individuals helping also increase. The more income these individuals create for themselves, the more funds are raised for the organization. The growth is synergistic and compounding.

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HIS elite servant,
Behtaj Baruch Amiri

Founder: Art of Thought Solutions™

Cell (424)222-3331

"It's easy to improve.  It's hard not to" - Solution to Childhood Sexual Abuse. (More important than World Peace) - Formula for World Peace (Under construction)                         - Worse than murder, why is it legal?                           - Don't eat GMO food. What you can do.                                  - To BE or not to be is not the question. To BE GOOD or not to be is. - I can't do this alone. Motivation for you to help.                          

We are here to help leverage time spent by bringing technology into your fundraising efforts.

People who have jobs may just stop working, just so they can help raise funds for your organization.  Why not?  They make more money while helping the humanitarian organization they love, succeed financially.

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Please take a tour of this example concept while we work to establish iQmlm.  Click here to go to the tour page.
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