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As individuals we learn from our mistakes.

As the human race we don't.
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Smart way to MARRIAGE
Marriage is the single most important thing in the world.
Ever wonder why Medicine, Technology, Entertainment, Construction, and any other discipline you can think of, all improve significantly every generation, but Marriage gets worse significantly every generation?
  • The Space Shuttle blows up killing 7.  The energy and brain power devoted to finding all the pieces and solving the problem was astronomical.
  • A killer is found after 35 years.  The perseverance is beyond impressive.
  • Marriages get worse each generation, and the divorce rate skyrockets. Marriage is the factory of the human race, yet we don't investigate to see how we can improve it.

Peal of the orange
( concept under construction ).   


Everyone has baggage (issues from the past or from childhood that are still bothering us).  Prior to engagement couples should be encouraged to go to Pre-Marital counseling where they both reveal their baggage to each other.

  • Expose this baggage before the engagement.  The right match of a couple will fall in deeper love.
  • Expose the same baggage after marriage.  The same couple may start having problems.
My 3 children got this advice from me in their pre- teens, now they can preach it.  If we all do this simple thing, we will "Significantly improve the world"

Marriage is not the place for trial and error, but we are treating it that way.  We have the technology to put a 7 story tall air plane up in the air.  I'm sure we can do better to keep our children's incubator called Marriage from so much damage.

Marriage license should mean more than proof that we paid a few dollars to the government
Why are we joking around with our children's lives?  The home of a bad marriage is a factory making sick, unproductive, trouble making miserable humans.  I know that's not 100% true but the broken home is the incubator for unproductive trouble makers and unhealthy people who end up costing the tax payers instead of helping pay them.  They rape, rob, murder and are creators of stress for the rest of the population as a whole.  I'm generalizing of course, some upstanding citizens have come from broken unhappy homes, but I know you agree that the world would be a better place, less costly and more productive if not for all the ramifications of bad marriages.  We need more police because of bad marriages.  You get the idea.  Bottom line:  A bad marriage is like a factory making bad product.  Why are we putting up with this?  Just the financial toll by itself is staggering if you really think about it.
  1. We would have more productive people, while having less trouble makers.
  2. We would be safer
  3. We would pay less taxes
  4. We would need less police
  5. The Money saving ramifications is not small.  It would make a profound difference in the economy in many ways.
  6. Why is it that when we make a mistake we learn from it, but with marriage we don't?  ----  Because we have freedom.  We give everyone a change to go to the school of hard knocks with almost everything.  I think when it comes to marriage, we need to put our foot down.  We don't let people drive and hit a few people before they learn do we?  Why do that with marriage?
  7. Bad marriages are the core reason for many problems in the world, including financial which is an issue right now.

HIS elite servant,
Behtaj Baruch Amiri

Founder: Art of Thought Solutions™

Cell (424)222-3331

"It's easy to improve.  It's hard not to" - Solution to Childhood Sexual Abuse. (More important than World Peace) - Formula for World Peace (Under construction) - Worse than murder, why is it legal? - Don't eat GMO food. What you can do. - To BE or not to be is not the question. To BE GOOD or not to be is. - I can't do this alone. Motivation for you to help.

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