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As individuals we learn from our mistakes.

As the human race we don't.

Smart way to World PEACE

This page of WeFree.Us applies logic for World Peace.

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The ingredients for World Peace is TRUTH & CHANGE

  1. The truth is men are made to fight. As long as we have men making decisions to solve problems, going to war will be a choice and we will not have peace. Replace all men with women in such positions in all countries. Did you know that Persia (Iran) had capable women warriors & leaders?
  2. It's the radicals not the Muslims, not the Jews, not the Israelis, not the Iranians, not the Americans, and not the North Koreans who cause war. For example those who listen to the Muslim radicals quote the Quran in a negative light in order to support their evil acts, you should know if radicals want to use the Torah to do terrible things, there are plenty bad things to choose from in the Torah too. Humanity's past is filled with blood shed. The good must stand up to the misinformation by the radicals who twist world sentiment. For example the good Muslims must stand up and object to what has become a "fact" around the globe that Muslims train their children from a young age to strap themselves with bombs and kill Jews & Americans by committing suicide. By staying quiet your allowing the poison to be swallowed by the world which works against peace.
(Under Construction ......)

The TRUTH. It can save humanity. Are we ready to be honest?

1 of 4 GREED) Politicians should be the cream of the crop of humanity. Some politicians start out with ethical intentions, but once in the muddy waters of politics, we lose them to the dark side because they aren't specially trained to handle it. If we can train special forces to commit suicide for our country, we can train politicians to be incorruptible. And those who aren't trainable shouldn't be allowed to run for any office. Petition at

2 of 4 SELFISHNESS) Man improves in everything it does. Medicine, Technology, Space Travel, Construction, you name it. The only thing we don't improve on is MARRIAGE. The reason is practically black and white. Please read my none religious solutions at 

3 of 4 GREED) How employees are paid has always been against the law but we ignored it. This is the primary reason for the world's economic problems

4 of 4 GOOD) Help humanitarian organizations survive this economic storm before we lose them. See business plan at Help 7 organizations and you can retire yourself from the financial benefits.

The truth is: If we do the same as we always have, we will have the same results. Our problems will EXPONENTIALLY get worse with time. The TRUTH. 

The combined benefits of the above corrections will significantly improve our world, and help us get closer to worldwide peace.

Please pass this message on to others. 

Best of everything,
Behtaj Amiri
Founder, Art of Thought Solutions™ at

"It's easy to improve.  It's hard not to"

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