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As individuals we learn from our mistakes.

As the human race we don't. Cell Phone
I have joined TeleVerusCell because it is the 1st and only company to do what other companies like Global Verge could not.  Yes I'm in Global Verge as well.  I recommend that you do the same  Because this is a major roll out of technology, no one knows which company will lead.  I'm looking for other viable companies to sign up with, but most others I have found so far are doing VOIP only.  Not the same at all.

I am URGENTLY telling my downline from ALL other MLMs to get into while they can for only $15.  The price will be $59 soon.

What has TeleVerus done?
They have what all others wish they had.  A Mobile Device and service which will provide world wide calling at no additional charge 24x7 on a G3 or better network (low price, high quality & speed).  Internet connectivity at cable speed, multiple party real time video conferencing, video recorder, Multiple TV Channels, FM Stereo Radio and much more.  All included for less than what the average cell phone user pays today who DOES not have UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE calling.  And NO.  The quality was not sacrificed, in fact it's better!!  Plus you get all the other "James Bond" fancy features.

Cell phone users will jump at the chance to SAVE money while getting MORE mobile phone features with much better quality.  For us (the opportunity seekers) this means WE MAKE A LOT OF MONEY no matter when we join.  Those who join NOW can expect to be set for LIFE financially.

Join by going to my sign up page at: (You will land on a travel related page, that's OK).  Click "Join TraVerus".  Use Voucher#: 1375814001 to bypass the normal charges and pay only $15 (limited time voucher).  If you reside in the U.S., choose U.S.  If your from any other country, please choose International.

Behtaj Baruch Amiri

Founder WeFree.Us &
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