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As individuals we learn from our mistakes.

As the human race we don't.
Global Verge Cell Phone
The result is out is working.  Get in now before the masses join.
All my downline.  The time has come.  Stop your Global Verge autoship payment ASAP.
DO NOT give up your spot.  As a matter of fact.  If you don't have a Global Verge position yet. Get one ASAP, but don't leave your autoship on.  You want to just take the position, but don't pay monthly or stay active for now.

Global Verge Mobile Phone business & product did not work, does not work.
Global Verge as a company DID NOT care about others cheating. Ignored months of reports.
Global Verge promised to fix the SERIOUS problems pointed out to them, but never did.

Note: the rest of this page speaks the truth when it comes to the technology being possible.  However Global Verge's mobile / cell phone business was not able to deliver the product, nor were they worthy of trust when it came to business practice.  Documented in written form & available to anyone who requests copies.

..... Behtaj
Here is why the cell phone is obsolete:
  • The new mobile phone and service costs less
  • It gives better quality sound & video
  • It makes the World a LOCAL call
  • Live video high quality conference calls to 6 places around the world is still LOCAL.
  • No Contract, No Tax, No connection fees, No junk fees.  Your total each month is $89, not a penny more.
Listen to this audio file   Share this page via email or chat by doing a right click here [   ] and then left click  "Select All" from the menu.  Then right click the same spot again, and click  "copy" from the menu.  Then paste it into a chat window or your email.   Another format of the above audio presentation is also available via phone at: 712-432-1011 pin:483294772

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Introduce 12 people who get this service, and the rebate you get every month makes your service FREE EVERY MONTH.
Tell the 12 people you introduce about this bonus.  As they make their service FREE, YOU MAKE MONEY.

Is this a pyramid?  YES.  But a legal one like any organization in the Fortune 100 list.  Stop repeating what you've heard about illegal pyramids.  The Pyramid is the most mathematically sound organizational structure we humans know.  In fact it's the ONLY one.  Stop the misinformation about Pyramids.

If you just want your Worldwide Unlimited 24x7 Mobile Phone service without becoming a reseller go to:

Be sure to view the Team Page to learn about other companies competing with this company and why I decided to join them as well.

The best of me for you,

Behtaj Baruch Amiri,  (424) 222-3331
Founder www.WeFree.Us

"As individuals we learn from our mistakes.  As the human race, we don't"
        "It's easy to improve.  It's hard not to"
                www.WeFree.US      - Behtaj.

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